Visual storytelling is my heart language, and I’ve been learning, nurturing and refining my expression of it for over twenty-five years. I love expressing my life experiences, world events and ideas in unique ways. I find pathways to worlds of wonder we only dare dream about, and weave those dreams into our everyday reality.  I am often told I change people’s lives through my storytelling. When I write or share a story, my aim is for my audience to listen with their whole bodies. I want to ignite the fires in our hearts, connect us to our intuition and open to a world where we live and thrive within our creative genius.

I want to be able to continue expanding this energy I have out into the world. Most people don’t realize how much time and energy goes into creating work of this nature. Over the past few months I’ve been working intently to find a way to be able to recover the sense of freedom I need to be able to create, that fits with my integrity and ethos. My mantra this year has been “no matter what, I will find another way”… I've needed to dissolve one of the biggest blocks I've had in order to make this happen, but I've done it, I have found another way...


I’d like to welcome you to my new hub on Patreon!

Patreon is a wonderful way for you to support content that you love on a monthly basis. Taking its name and inspiration from the word “patron” which means to support, invest, back: it’s a membership platform that makes it easy for supporters to invest within their budget for content they love, and for the creators of the content to get paid. By joining me at Patreon, you will gain access to exclusive content. And through this exchange,  I will be able to continue creating what you love and sharing it with the world.

I am not interested in acquiring and accumulating. I am interested in Creating, Collaborating, and Contributing. My strengths are my creative ideas, visualization & my ability to focus and see these ideas through. My strengths are also my capacity for sharing, for creating authentic connection, and in opening space for communication and expansion in a big way. 

I have so much more to talk about! Including books that I'm working on, which I'll be sharing the details of progress in my patron posts. For now though, I'd love you to take a moment to have a look at my page, understand how it works, and if you've been a fan of my work over the years; if you feel my work is a breath of fresh, honest, pure air; if you see the value in what I create and you want to see me continue creating, then please consider joining me there. I know this is the way forward for me, and I want to be able to make and connect the only way I know how: with all my heart. 

With Love, 

Pia xx