creative consultation


creative consultation


Imagine. Create. Share. Repeat...

One hour consultation - in person or via phone/skype/zoom. 

My calling is to ignite, liberate & connect creative spirits, while bringing creativity intuitively into our everyday lives. I focus deeply to connecting you with your true self. From here the focus is on how your current environment aligns with your true nature, looking at the positive changes that can be made, and gaining awareness on how it makes you feel.

Tuning in to how we feel is the beginning of learning about who we are and what we need as creative beings. 

In client's words:

"Pia is a magic worker. Very early on in the process of imagining my book 'Freedom Seeker', she teased out the concept that had been swimming around in my head, and gave form to my ideas. She has a very particular kind of creative genius which brings a real depth and humanity to her own projects, and somehow - goodness knows how - she breathes that into your work too." 

- Beth Kempton, Founder of Do What You Love and author of Freedom Seeker (Hay House)

I offer support and service in:

  • living creatively and intuitively
  • gaining confidence in your talents
  • opening to creative opportunities
  • helping to establish environments and businesses that are creatively inspiring, nurturing and healing
  • creative room design for home, children’s spaces and workplaces
  • book writing, publishing and self-publishing
  • book proposals and pitches
  • intuitive, authentic and slow marketing
  • photography
  • creating family storytelling for children

Upon checkout you will be sent a few questions that will help me to clarify your needs for this consultation. 

Once you have sent back the questionnaire we will then decide on a time and location (if not via skype). 

After the consultation, I will send you the key notes from our conversation along with any links and details that I may have referred to during the meeting. 

If you'd like further assistance and support, I offer a 3-hour creative mentoring package which you can continue with after this first hour consultation - if you choose to do so your initial payment will be deducted from the second package cost.

Tailored creative mentoring packages are also available for specific projects, just let me know. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email. 

I look forward to connecting with you! 


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