self-portrait "dance like no one is watching" March 2016

self-portrait "dance like no one is watching" March 2016

{pee-ah jayn by-kerk}


I dream. I feel. I make...  

I am a creative storyteller exploring life's lessons, experiences, and ideas through each of my senses. Some of these explorations take the form of detailed visions and stories, which I share through my completed works. I write, photograph, draw, research, collect, & paint, alongside creating installations, recording sound and making music. Sometimes I use one medium for one idea. Sometimes I combine them. Mother nature & humankind are my muses. I encourage new ways of thinking and feeling deeply: Living passionately with lightness and joy.

I’ve been a freelancing creative being my entire adult life. My career has been long and varied.  For the past decade I became most known around the world for my work as an interior stylist and photographer working for various magazines across the globe and then as a writer, book author, and blogger living in Paris, Amsterdam and now Sydney. It had not occurred to me until recently that all these years I’d been completely absorbed and invested in the way life looks. It had been indoctrinated in me: Through society, my heritage, family and culture. These past few years, like a curtain slowly lifting, I’ve understood this and am now journeying to explore and experience how life feels.

This new web space is an expansion of the diverse elements of my creativity coming together. Here is where you’ll find my art & explorations, with pages being regularly added to in an irregular way:  I’ve learned that creativity cannot be contained by time as we know it. It has its own flow and I’m dedicated to giving it the space it needs to move through me. 


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