This is an exclusive one hour intensive mentoring session available either in person or via phone/skype/zoom.

As powerful as water, this creative spirit, this inner fire, this love within us will always flow, it will always find a way to come up to the surface, to be seen. Everyday we create experiences without even knowing it, to show us the way of our hearts, to follow our truth.

But if we don’t own it, if we block the flow, it will deviate elsewhere. It will flow where its welcome  - and we will begin to notice others embrace it completely.

That idea we had but didn't act on it? Someone else is doing it.

Those words we never said out loud? Someone else just said them. 

That book we always wanted to write? It was just published by someone else.

This incredibly powerful energy needs to burn bright. We need to simply give it the space and freedom to burn.  

I am a creative catalyst which means once we connect, you will be in the flow and can access your most powerful creativity. In this hour, you will meet your creative spirit, and you will discover you won't ever want to let it go again. Together we will navigate the way ahead and you'll receive clear guidance from me into what you can do to take the big leap into living to your fullest potential. .

This session gives you an idea of what happens during the weekly immersive mentoring.

After our session, you will receive notes from me that you can refer to anytime, and you'll be able to email me for up to two weeks after our time together, with any questions and ideas that come up during that time. 

Mentoring is vital to our life journeying - through mentoring we have the opportunity to be supported, nurtured and nourished throughout our creative explorations which enables us & our work to flourish. When I become your mentor, an opening is established for you to enter this creative flow, this river.  


I offer support and service in:

  • living creatively and intuitively

  • gaining confidence in your talents

  • opening to creative opportunities

  • helping to establish environments and businesses that are creatively inspiring, nurturing and healing

  • book writing, publishing and self-publishing

  • book proposals and pitches

  • intuitive & authentic marketing

  • creating focus and workflow

  • intuitive photography

Each mentoring package is tailored to your specific needs, so upon checkout you will be sent a few questions that will help me to clarify those needs.

Once you have sent back the questionnaire we will then decide on session times and location (if not via skype).

This package is available worldwide - I currently have clients in the US, Europe and Australia, and am available to talk via Skype no matter where you are in the world. If I am travelling overseas and you are interested in a mentoring package, I can let you know my travel dates if you'd like to meet up for the session.

If you'd like ongoing assistance and support for particular projects or goals, long term tailored mentoring packages are also available, for more information click here or email me directly. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email. 


I highly recommend each mentoring client - past, present, or potential - to become a member of my Patreon collective as each month I share intuitive insights that are only for the people in the space, to enable each member to strengthen their connection to their own intuition. It’s only $5 USD per month. Click here to join.


If you have any issues with placing this order, please let me know - some countries are not able to order, if this is the case I can send you a direct invoice.

I look forward to connecting with you! 



"A few words about her talents? Extractor of Magic. Idea Nourisher. Superhero with X-Ray Vision who sees what's really inside. Master Question Asker. Treasured Friend." Beth Kempton, London, United Kingdom

"Oh lovely Pia! Where do I begin!? After spending the last few years feeling quite disconnected from my creativity, I was so thrilled when I realised you offered this unique service. You are so eloquent, intuitive and thoughtful in your approach to embracing and sharing your own creative mind and I have always admired this in you through your books and when we met just a few weeks ago I was so excited and ready to hear your words of wisdom! It was so much more than that: your gentle strength made me feel nurtured and safe to begin the next phase with much enthusiasm. I can honestly say I have not felt so connected and confident in my abilities to move forward. I could not recommend you enough.. a priceless encounter!" Lisa Williment, Queensland, Australia

"I contacted Pia for mentoring after I had attended one of her workshops. Pia was able to identify what was blocking the expression of my creativity and helped me to become more connected to my own intuition. She has a gentle and friendly approach whilst at the same time pushing you to expand not just yourself but also what you think you can do...She is encouraging, a great listener and is able to draw on her many years of experience to offer sound advice and practical solutions to the issues that might be stopping you in your creative journey. I can highly recommend booking some time with Pia. Definitely do it!!" Shona Smith, Sydney Australia

"Can't thank you enough for the mentoring session with you today. Your insight and intuition have been so valuable to me and at last I feel like the ball is rolling. Best decision I've made in a long time." Paula Nelson, Victoria, Australia

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