200.00 every month

This is available for clients who have already received mentoring from me in the past or who are already practicing their creative work but need further support and direction. If you are not working in a creative medium yet but would like support in transforming your current career, then please email me to discuss a tailored package.


By connecting with me each month, you’ll experience your own unique transformation by igniting and engaging  your creative, heart-centred self everyday. This monthly connection is ideal if you have a book you want to write, a website you want to create, or a project or path you need support and accountability to see it through to its full completion.

This is the opportunity to take the dream off the shelf and begin to live it.

Although you may already be engaged in your creative work, in this time together you'll get a sense of what it’s like to live from your heart, breath from your heart, and experience this part of yourself so that the creative work you put out into the world shines from that incredible place within you. This connection between us will open you up to accessing this part of you so that it becomes the essence of your everyday experience of the world.

Our first phone call or meeting will be between 1-2 hours long. In this conversation we will establish the connection to your intuitive self which I also call the heart connection, and from here I will be able to know what you truly need to be working on to be able to realise your dream.

Each month we will schedule a one hour call and in between we can be in touch via email or we can schedule short calls each week, depending on what works best for you.

Through this regular connection, it creates the opportunity for you to ask me questions anytime they arise as well as have access to my own connections with creative, intuitive souls around the world through my work as an artist and author.

You will emerge from this creative connection empowered, confident, and with the courage it takes to make & share your MAGIC everyday. 

This subscription includes:

1 hour phone call each month
Regular email contact each month
Access to my connections initiated through me

Please note:

This monthly mentoring subscription is available for practicing creatives who need further support. Current and past clients include: illustrators, painters, floral designers, graphic designers, sculptors, makers, interior stylists, writers, photographers and filmmakers.


I highly recommend each mentoring client - past, present, or potential - to become a member of my Patreon collective as each month I share intuitive insights that are only for the people in the space, to enable each member to strengthen their connection to their own intuition. It’s only $5 USD per month. Click here to join.


As I am a working artist and author, I will only be opening this opportunity up in between my own projects and will have a very limited numbers of regular clients each year to ensure I offer the most I can to each person. If the subscription is SOLD OUT it means I no longer have an opening but please don’t hesitate to email me - - to discuss future availability. X