One hour consultation - via phone/skype/zoom. 

This is the beginning…

My creative calling is to ignite, liberate & connect creative spirits, while bringing creativity intuitively into our everyday lives. I focus deeply on connecting you with your true self by discovering the gates in place that stop you from following your heart's path. Together we find the keys and open the gates wide! In the process I'll be able to see how your current environment aligns with your true nature & look at the positive changes that can be made to enrich your life.

Once we are connected through this exchange, I don’t hold back.  I am gentle and nurturing, but powerful and direct. While you speak your thoughts, I’m listening to your heart – through your words, your stories, and your pauses. I open you to your flow and support you to follow through. I will get you to your destination when you are open to transformation.

In client's words:

"Pia is a magic worker. Very early on in the process of imagining my book 'Freedom Seeker', she teased out the concept that had been swimming around in my head, and gave form to my ideas. She has a very particular kind of creative genius which brings a real depth and humanity to her own projects, and somehow - goodness knows how - she breathes that into your work too." 

- Beth Kempton, Founder of Do What You Love based in London, United Kingdom and author of Freedom Seeker (Hay House)

“After spending the last few years feeling quite disconnected from my creativity, I was so thrilled when I realised Pia offered this unique service. She is so eloquent, intuitive and thoughtful in her approach to embracing and sharing her own creative mind and I have always admired this in her through her books and blog. So when we met just a few weeks ago I was so excited and ready to hear her words of wisdom! It was so much more than that: her gentle strength made me feel nurtured and safe to begin the next phase with much enthusiasm. I can honestly say I have not felt so connected and confident in my abilities to move forward. I could not recommend her enough.., a priceless encounter!”

-Lisa Williment, Founder of Atelier34 in Black Mountain, Queensland, Australia

"As a first time author Pia’s insight was so very helpful to extract my thoughts onto paper. She was so perceptive as to the direction that I wanted to take the book and was able to give me valuable, thought provoking guidance to make a difficult period of the book process flow much easier."

-Leslie Oschmann from SwarmHome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands & author of Me & McDuff (Rizzoli)


I offer support and service in:

  • living creatively and intuitively

  • gaining confidence in your talents

  • opening to creative opportunities

  • helping to establish environments and businesses that are creatively inspiring, nurturing and healing

  • book writing, publishing and self-publishing

  • book proposals and pitches

  • intuitive & authentic marketing

  • photography

  • creative storytelling for children

Upon checkout you will be sent a few questions that will help me to clarify your needs for this consultation. 

Once you have sent back the questionnaire we will then decide on a time to chat. 

PLEASE NOTE: I advise you to take notes during our conversation to ensure you get the most out of our connection.

If you'd like further support, I offer a 3-hour creative mentoring package, as well as immersive weekly mentoring, intuitive website design, and one-on-one styling & photography workshop in my private artist’s retreat in Balmain, in Sydney, Australia.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email (


I highly recommend each mentoring client - past, present, or potential - to become a member of my Patreon collective as each month I share intuitive insights that are only for the people in the space, to enable each member to strengthen their connection to their own intuition. It’s only $5 USD per month. Click here to join.


I look forward to connecting with you & treasure hunting together! It's an experience like no other. 

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