Parenting from the Heart: A Path for Joy, Growth & Love.

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Parenting from the Heart: A Path for Joy, Growth & Love.


With Shona Smith and Pia Jane Bijkerk. 

During this intimate 2 hour workshop, discover new tools to navigate the path of parenting & transform the fatigue & anxiety to create more space for joy, embrace growth and most of all, connecting with your love - for your children and YOURSELF. 


This is a unique opportunity to talk & share in an environment free of judgement and comparison about our journeys in motherhood & parenting: where it cracks us wide open; when we struggle; the exquisite moment’s of pure love and happiness for this little person, and how with a few different thoughts we can tap into the truth & allow it to empower us. 

With Pia's intuitive & creative approach to living, and Shona's 20 years of experience as a youth worker and mother to two boys (now young men), we will discuss a number of parenting topics close to our hearts - including the impact of social media & the anxiety in parenting teenagers  -  and problem solve with Shona’s guidance. You’ll learn how to connect with your intuition to unlock the power within your own unique journey as a parent, and leave feeling inspired & empowered.

This event is for parents of small children to teenagers. 

With a limit of ten so we can genuinely connect to each person, this promises to be a life-enriching experience that reaches heart & soul. 


Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Shona Smith's residence in Rozelle, NSW, Australia (address will be sent to you upon booking)

Learn: new tools to navigate your unique parenting journey while creating more space for joy, growth and love everyday.   

Bring: an intention, open mind, your heart & a notebook and pen!

Supplied: champagne and fruit & cheese platter, organic teas. 


Booking essential. Limited numbers.


About Pia Jane Bijkerk:
Pia Jane Bijkerk is as internationally renowned author, photographer and creative mentor. Her books include the highly admired, My Heart Wanders – an illustrated travel memoir that celebrates following your heart, taking risks, letting go and making a home wherever you are, as well as Paris: Made by Hand, Amsterdam: Made by Hand, and Little Treasures: Made by Hand. Pia is currently working on a number of children's books. 

A personal message from Pia:

"Shona came into my life as one of my workshop attendees in 2016, then a mentor client, and has now become a dear friend! When she said to me the other day - "my parents were the only people I ever heard say that they loved teenagers. They looked forward to us being teenagers. I had never heard that before from anyone!  The sense of acceptance that I felt when I heard my parents say this was very powerful. It took away the power of the teenage rebellion. I’m not saying that it was all unicorns and rainbows but it was as smooth a transition for everyone in the family as any I had ever seen." - I wanted to learn more and share what she taught me with others! This is a workshop that I'm so thrilled to offer."

For more information about Pia, please visit her website


About Shona Smith:

Shona began working with children and their parents when she was just 18 years old. She wanted to help struggling kids and teenagers move through their pain and into a better place for their adult years. She began to see that being a parent provided an amazing opportunity to not only grow in our parenting skills, but also to assist us in our own personal growth. 

A personal message from Shona:

"I have spent my life sitting in circles talking with people. It feels very natural to me to sit and talk and share where we are struggling or where we feel challenged in our lives and also sharing what has worked, what has been a blessing, what we have learnt about our parenting and  about ourselves. I have seen parents who, although they love their children, feel that their children have caused them so much pain. Each day is a battle, each interaction fraught with angst and drama. I learnt through sitting in numerous counselling sessions with families, and then from my own experience as a parent, that if we approached this intentionally and mindfully with a few shifts in our thinking, the process can be less painful and even fun!  Having kids gives us a unique opportunity to look at the parts of ourselves that we have tried to ignore or suppress, and to accept and heal them, and lead us to more personal wholeness."


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