NEW: Spirit & Flight


NEW: Spirit & Flight


Each month in 2014, I uploaded a new piano composition to my online journal via soundcloud. Recorded in my own home on an old wooden semi grand borrowed from a friend, there is ambient sound from my home & neighbourhood. With each piece I was striving to let go: let go of perfection; let go of expectation; let go of ego. There are mistakes, they are not intended to be professional recordings: They are raw, imperfect, real, fleeting.

With the addition of a few more pieces and a sprinkling of soundscapes, I offer this debut album to you, to listen as you journey in your own creative life. This is my heart's voice.

Song list:

1. Bird Song
2. Of Time & Light
3. Spirit & Flight
4. Forest Rain
5. Dust Flakes Dance
6. Bay Birds

7. Silver Star
8. The Changing
9. All This, Yes. 

Bonus Tracks:
10. Uncle Ronnie's Song, Amsterdam
11. Spirit & Flight, part 2


Album length: 25 minutes


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