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workshop news: the alchemy of assemblage...

I'm thrilled to make official here the announcement of my first workshop for the season: The Alchemy of Assemblage, to be held at the incredible Elements I Love rambling warehouse in Sydney, just a stones throw from where I live. Owner Brooke and I have been planning this for months and it's wonderful to see it come together. In a flooded market of workshops, I wanted to create and offer something really special and unique, that incorporates many elements that you can take with you to use in your everyday creativity. More than an event, I aim to propel you forward in your creative life, in one of the most beautiful settings in the city. Every time I walk into Elements I Love I am transported to Europe to a gorgeous antique boutique, a place I want to linger for hours. Brooke and her husband Tim have created such a special place over the past 10 years, it's an honour to be invited to host a creative workshop here..

...behind a series of linen curtains and closed doors lies the restoration workspace, the alchemist's lair. 

...behind a series of linen curtains and closed doors lies the restoration workspace, the alchemist's lair. 

The idea of the workshop came from thinking about the art of layering and collage. In my travel memoir My Heart Wanders, I designed each double page spread to be a work of art in itself so that you can not only read the book from cover to cover but flip it open anytime to be transported to that moment through a rich layering of visuals and words. For this workshop, we will be exploring the technique of assemblage by creating a collage on wood - while enjoying champagne and nibbles, you’ll acquire the knowledge to create your own piece of personal art using a collection of elements you love.  It will be like bringing to life a page from My Heart Wanders but from your very own experiences and elements...

Through the process of creating your own assemblage board, I'll guide you on how to recognise and follow your intuition, allowing your creative spirit to flow freely - a technique you’ll be able to practice and strengthen over time. I'll be talking about creative flow, and how to manage and move through self-doubt in your style and art, the "I'm not good enough" self talk that so many of us have. 

Using your own small found objects as well as a selection of collected materials, I'm looking forward to helping you to discover how to approach a creative project by guiding you through making your own beautiful and evocative collage. To accompany the items you bring with you (think: old postcard, photograph, ticket stubs, buttons, wrapping, fabric - anything that evokes a particular moment for you: a place or loved one) there’ll be a selection of materials that I'll be sharing with you to add to your board including cloth, paper, tacks, string, feathers, shells, and ink: all collected over time and amongst my own personal stash. Along with learning how to finish your board professionally with sanding and beeswax with expert help from the team at Elements I Love , you’ll gain the necessary know-how to make more assemblages at home to adorn walls or give as gifts.

There is only one workshop date available for this (Saturday, August 27, 2016)  and limited numbers so that I can make the time to personally chat with everyone during the workshop, so please don't hesitate to book before the word spreads over the coming week.  For more details about the workshop, please click here

I hope to see you there!

With Love, Pia 

PS Completely off topic but... I'm addicted to Outlander. I just had to tell you. I can barely think of anything else at the moment.  I only just discovered it the other day and am still in season 1 so don't tell me a thing if you're already ahead and if you're not, I cannot recommend it enough - it's the perfect story to escape into this winter season. Yes, I'm planning to immerse myself even further by reading the books. X