behind the scenes

When you're entire mailing list of 10 years has been wiped, what do you do?

You realise how determined you are to share your creativity with the world, so you dust yourself off and start a new one. Nothing and no one can bring this girl down.

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I take my time to write these emails to connect you to your heart: That part of you that speaks in whispers and needs more than ever right now to be heard & valued. I have so much coming up this year that I’m eager to share via this special connection. I’ll also post here in my journal, but the emails are more intimate and special, it’s where the magic begins - you get a glimpse of it here on the journal, but it gets activated through the emails.

A massive thank you to those who have resubscribed or subscribed if you weren’t on my mailing list already since I temporarily lifted my social media hiatus to put the call out this week. You are part of this new start! The beautiful messages of support coming through have made me more invigorated than ever to write and send my first email tomorrow with the new moon. I have learnt so much about myself over the past 24 hours that has made it worth it - yes, you read right, worth it.

With Love,

Pia xx