With Amanda Carmen Cromer & Pia Jane Bijkerk

A year in the making, this exclusive artist experience represents a collaboration of our gifts and produces an incredibly intimate inner portrait of you – created intuitively – seeing straight into your heart space and creating a visual of that space, of your creative identity. 


 Our muses

We have created this bespoke portrait experience for strong, confident, empowered women who are seeking an experience they have never had before, something they know will enrich their lives and something they can share with everyone around them.

We know you are already a highly creative, successful woman, filled with curiosity and expansive energy – now you are seeking new experiences to enhance your creative life.


Your experience

You love to share stories about unusual experiences, you love to go to gallery openings and you love to talk about your new discoveries – and this intuitive, aesthetic portrait experience is the next part of your enigmatic story. 

This experience will not only fuel your own creative energies, it will open your eyes to life pathways and self-knowledge that you will not have considered. You will have new awareness around yourself and the possibilities available to you, and you will be inspired by unconventional ways to pursue them.

After this experience, you will not see yourself in the same way again. You will see yourself as a living work of art.


Our process

- After you have completed a self-directed process of deep inquiry, Amanda will lead you through a synaesthetic name-colour reading, based on the colour palette of your name. Amanda records and interprets your responses to the immersive, interactive reading, selects a haiku-style quote that emerges from it, and communicates the concepts that capture your creative identity to Pia.

- After receiving your identity reading, Pia uses an intuitive process to assemble your one-of-a-kind portrait in a way that expresses the unique concepts, language and colours that represent you. Pia hand-selects images for you from her personal photographic archives (or perhaps takes new photos), then builds a completely new single image from a combination of these original images.

-The finished artwork is delivered to you and becomes yours! This exclusive portrait of your inner creative heart is yours to enjoy as you wish. Display your portrait in your home or business as a source of inspiration and confidence. Use it as wallpaper on your wall, desktop or phone, and incorporate it into your everyday visual vernacular. It’s a way of you honouring yourself, and of us honouring your creative heart.



Price: USD$7.5k

Bookings/enquiries: through

The artwork: You will receive an 11x14in (approx. A3) unframed fine Art Photographic Print on 100% cotton archival rag. Each image comes with a hand-signed certificate that can be adhered to the back of a frame. You will also receive a high-resolution version as a digital document. If you would like a larger print, we are happy to organise that for you at an additional cost, and by prior arrangement. In addition to the artwork, you will receive your original name-colour reading to keep for reference.

NB: in accordance with copyright laws, we retain the rights to the image but the client (you) receives exclusive use of the image – what this means is that you can be assured that we will not be using your image in any way, shape or form once it becomes yours. You are able to use and enjoy your portrait in any way you wish, knowing that it is exclusively yours.