Stardust Photograph, 16 x 20 Limited Edition


Stardust Photograph, 16 x 20 Limited Edition


We are all made of stardust...
Every element of the universe is made from stars, including us. As beings, each element within us was birthed in stars, the very stars that twinkle above us in the night sky and around the Earth. As humans both ancient and existing, we have held an everlasting fascination for stars, and knowing that we are made from stardust only enriches the allure and magic of the exploration of those tiny intergalactic sparkles that light up the deep indigo sky we look to each evening before we sleep."
Excerpt from The Everyday Alchemy eBook, Festive Edition. 

I create visual stories using handwritten words and image layering through digital photographic techniques. Over the past ten years, I have exclusively made these photographs for my published books.

Stardust is the first photograph I have released as a limited edition print. 


-Fine art photograph printed on heavy weight archival rag photographique
-16 in x 20 in (40.5 cm x 51 cm) with boarder (18 in x 22 in/46 cm x 56 cm) 
-Limited edition of 25
-Each print is hand signed, numbered and dated by Pia Jane Bijkerk
- Unframed


Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.


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