Artist’s Curriculum Vitae


1978 -


Pia Jane Bijkerk is an internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer, author and blogger specializing in still life, nature, and interiors. After living and working in Paris and a houseboat in Amsterdam for five years with her French partner Romain, together they moved to Sydney, Australia where she currently works from her studio & artist’s retreat by the waterside in Balmain.

As a stylist Pia has worked around the world for the likes of Home Beautiful, Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Gourmet Traveller, Real Simple, Saatchi and Saatchi, Qantas, Tommy Hilfiger and Philips, and as a writer she has written articles for numerous international publications including a monthly column for Country Style Magazine in 2013-2014, and currently creates photographic feature stories for Happinez magazine. She is the author and photographer of Paris: Made by Hand (2009), Amsterdam: Made by Hand (2010), My Heart Wanders (2011), Little Treasures: Made by Hand (2013) and Festive Season: Reimagined (2018). In 2012 she became a mother to her beautiful daughter, Laly.


Biography timeline:


1998 Completed a BFA at UNSW COFA majoring in film and photography

1999 Established Indigo Artefacts, a homewares boutique in Sydney, Australia

2001 Established Indigo Teahouse, a gourmet café in Sydney, Australia

2004 Freelance interior stylist since 2004

2007 Freelance photographer since 2007

2008 Blogger, voted 50 world’s top design blogs by Times Online

2009 Author and photographer of Paris: Made by Hand, published by The Little Bookroom/Random House

2010 Author and photographer of Amsterdam: Made by Hand, published by The Little Bookroom/Random House

2011 Author and photographer of My Heart Wanders published by Murdoch Books

2013 Author of Little Treasures: Made by Hand self-published

2018 Author of Festive Season: Reimagined self-published