creative mentoring


creative mentoring


Mentoring is vital to our creative journeying - through mentoring we have the opportunity to be supported, nurtured and nourished throughout our creative explorations which enables us & our work to flourish.

Three hour mentoring session - in person or via Skype. 

This mentoring package can be completed in one, intensive session or split into 3 one-hour sessions offered fortnightly or monthly for 3 months. 


My calling is to ignite, liberate & connect creative spirits by bringing creativity into our everyday lives. I focus deeply to connecting you with your intuitive self through creative practice.  During this mentoring session we will open awareness to your blocks, find ways to dissolve them, look at how your environment aligns with your intuitive nature, look at positive changes that can be made, and gain awareness on how you feel and how to enrich your life through creative exploration. We will look at how to focus and be self-responsible in your creative practice. 

This package is ideal for people who are already established or would like to become artists, photographers, writers, authors, stylists, small business owners, university students, or musicians. 

Tuning in to how we feel is the beginning of learning about who we are and what we need as creative beings. 

I offer support and service in:

  • living creatively and intuitively
  • gaining confidence in your talents
  • opening to creative opportunities
  • helping to establish environments and businesses that are creatively inspiring, nurturing and healing
  • creative room design for home, children’s spaces and workplaces
  • book writing, publishing and self-publishing
  • book proposals and pitches
  • intuitive, authentic and slow marketing
  • creating focus and workflow
  • intuitive photography
  • creating family storytelling for children

Each mentoring package is tailored to your specific needs, so upon checkout you will be sent a few questions that will help me to clarify those needs.

Once you have sent back the questionnaire we will then decide on session times and locations (if not via skype) -  if you choose to split the session up into 3 separate consultations, we will schedule dates for each consultation over 1-3 months. There is a 3 month expiry on this mentoring package so that we can kickstart your momentum and creative flow. 

This package is available worldwide - I currently have clients in the US, Europe and Australia, and am available to talk via Skype no matter where you are in the world. If I am travelling overseas and you are interested in a mentoring package, I can let you know my travel dates if you'd like to meet up for the session.

If you'd like ongoing assistance and support for particular projects or goals, long term tailored mentoring packages are also available, just let me know via email. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email. 

I look forward to connecting with you! 

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