"messy painting"...

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Over the past few months while looking at Laly's preschool photos, I noticed she was rarely at the painting table or easels. And when I looked in her art folder there weren't many paintings - lots of craft and drawing, but not much work with paint. Which I found odd, because she used to always love to paint with me at home. When I picked her up the other day, I asked her why she wasn't doing paintings at school... "Because I don't want to get messy." Whaaaaat?! My jaw dropped. So when, how and why did this idea of hers come about? I wondered. "But getting messy is the best part of it!" I said. She looked up at me a little perplexed. Then I said, "Okay, well would you like to do some painting with me soon ?" "Messy painting?" she asked. "Yes, exactly, messy painting!" So yesterday afternoon that's what we did in the backyard after the rain had stopped and the sun peaked through the clouds. And wow, did she embrace it...



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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Here is some of the finished work drying on the line, created with lots of body painting, foot & handprints. As the sun faded, I hosed & cleaned up outside, peaking in the window to check on her while she bathed. Messy painting, Laly & I highly recommend it...


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