a little beach made by my own two hands in our backyard...

PJB_sandpit_IMG_2506 Laly adores the beach. Well, mostly the sand, as she's still "quite scaredy" of the rolling waves and vastness of the ocean. So I thought it'd be great to build her an all-natural sandpit in our backyard so she could play with sand anytime she likes. Of course I like to set myself some major challenges, and for this project I decided that I wanted to source most materials from our own backyard, and to build the whole pit for FREE. That's right, not spend one single cent.

Inspired by the idea of living as freely as possible, I signed up to my local freecycle group and after only a few weeks of scanning the incoming offers, I found the sand and the shade cloth to cover the pit. I am loving being part of the freecycle community, it's been a fantastic way to move things out of my home that are no longer in use, and bring in things that we want.


I dug a hole in a corner of the garden protected by trees for shade.  I found all the rocks outlining the sandpit under and around our house, and moved them all myself with the exception of a giant rock which I enlisted the help of Romain, who kept telling me over and over again "there is no way you can move that rock" and "this is impossible" - he was still saying this while we maneuvered it inch by inch to where I wanted to place it. Within minutes and only a little bit of sweat we had it in position. I couldn't help myself: "umm, yeah, impossible, did you say?" Oh how I love seeing his dimpled smile appear despite his efforts to hide it. A great example of how nothing is impossible, no matter what anyone tells you! After a few weekends I had finished the sandpit,  just in time for Laly's birthday party in February.


This sandpit is one of my proudest home projects, for three reasons: I built it myself from scratch,  I built it for free, it's beautiful and earthy. Because of this, I get the greatest satisfaction just looking at it, and even more when I see Laly playing in it...