The Wild Colonial Company...

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I've admired the work of designer Florence Broadhurst  - whose body of work is today printed by the wonderful Signature Prints - for many, many years. I've mentioned both designer and print house  half a dozen times here in the (blog)house over the years, and I referenced them in My Heart Wanders as one of my all-time inspirations. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the ever-admired Juliet Rogers contacted me this time last year to photograph her very first range of antipodean stationery for her new venture aptly called The Wild Colonial Company, which features none other than Florence Broadhurst's breathtaking designs.

It was a dream job in every way - beautiful client, incredible product (fittingly described as 'ground-breaking design and superb quality')... I had an absolute blast shooting each and every notebook, journal and gift card, using my home as my studio, bringing in elements from my garden and finding little treasures around my home to compliment the collection...


I'm currently using this beauty (pictured above) as my journal. It's as lovely to write in as it was to photograph, and seeing it sit on my bedside table beckons thoughts and ideas to page. Back then I didn't get a chance to show you some of the images from the shoot, but today I'm thrilled to have a moment to do just that...


I hope you've seen this gorgeous collection in bookstores and boutiques around the country but if you haven't, take a look at The Wild Colonial Company's website to peruse the full range - you can shop the collection directly on the website too, with shipping to the USA, UK and New Zealand as well as in Australia.

Thank you Juliet for calling me for this fab job! Although it's a year overdue, I wanted to write this post to say congratulations for venturing out into the wild. I look forward to seeing more. xx