PJB_BLUR1_2013_IMG_4432 Hi guys. Sometimes - actually, every time -  it's hard to write a blog post after a long break. So much has happened between posts that I don't know where to start, or what to share. But then after a while of sitting here looking at the blank box, I realise the best place to start is in this moment.

In this moment, I am sitting in my little home office/studio/dumping ground, at the desk, writing this blog post. Laly is having her midday nap (what a wonderful difference it is to be down to one long day nap!), and Romain and I are working on getting the last remaining shipping invoices to the book buyers from the campaign, and then I hope to be able to start getting some of the packages together throughout the rest of this week, so that we can start sending them off around the world next week.

As I've been collecting the shipping and adding the details in the spreadsheet, I've been receiving lovely little notes within the invoice payments, with inspiring and encouraging comments. It warms my heart so much, and encourages me to keep going.  I'm very thankful for the support, I would not be able to keep creating if it wasn't for those of you who voice your cheer.

Laly is growing so much. Among so many skills she is mastering, she has just started to walk, and I've noticed how much she is uplifted by positive remarks and reassurance. Her face lights up when we say "Bravo!", and "Well done!", and if she stumbles through trying her new skill, it will be one of those remarks that encourages her to try again.


Last night after Laly went to bed, I reflected on the words that she is hearing the most throughout every day. Other than "Maman" and "Papa", I realised the words we are repeating the most every day are "cuddle", "câlins" (french for cuddle), "snuggle", "beautiful", "love", "bonjour", "bravo", "kisses", "bisous" (french for kisses) and of course "Laly". It got me thinking about how lovely that is, how much that must make a difference to someone's life.

I had intentions to write a post about Laly's first birthday, but as you may have gathered from Romain's previous post, things happened. My health took a turn for the worse, and I've spent the last month building it back up. I'm not quite recovered, I understand now that getting Little Treasures to the insane deadline that we had created for it was detrimental, and not just for me but for my new little family. If I am not well I cannot look after my baby and that is incredibly scary. And I've understood that in the future, if I want to continue doing projects, that they will have to be spread out and take much, much longer, with as many helping hands as possible. It's just not possible for me to do what I do and be a Mum at the same time.

I got very down for a while wondering why other new mums could work on their projects, write regular, extensive blog posts complete with photographs (knowing how long it takes me to compile such posts), earn money, and cook a meal. Seriously? I mean, seriously? I just don't get how. Friends assured me that these mums have help from their parents, in laws and siblings, and that on top of that they must have nannies, cleaners, and possibly butlers. They reassured me that the difficult circumstances I have going on in my life at the moment are taking their toll on my health. But I just kept seeing that it was all a reflection of me being incapable. I've been taught to cope with whatever comes my way, no matter what.


So not only has my little Laly been doing a lot of growing these past days, so have I. I don't think I'll ever write about all that has been going on lately here on the blog, I know there is still much for me to go through in the coming months and years and you know when you're in the thick of something, it's hard to stand back and take an observing eye to share it with the world. I notice that when I try to explain to people what has been happening, it is just a bunch of words, words that sound hollow for something so deep. But I sense that one day I may feel ready to write about it.

In this moment,  I thank you for being here, and for your understanding and for your love.

À bientôt, mes amis.


PS I took these photos on Saturday, at Laly's first easter egg hunt, a very special day created by my talented friend Tracey.