my last guest post in the (blog)house: farmers markets of New England

All photographs and words in this guest post by Christine Chitnis. It seems only fitting that I should end my visit to Pia's {blog} house with a post devoted to the incredible farmers markets of New England.  We have covered gorgeous landscapes, and peeked into artist studios... but I only briefly touched on my absolute favorite thing about the region... the bountiful seasonal produce, unique artisanal food products and succulent prepared foods available at New England's farmers markets.

As someone who enjoys cooking, and is always game for a kitchen experiment, I loved discovering unusual produce and intriguing food products during my market travels.  Favorite discoveries included quail eggs, rabbit meat, black currants, duck eggs, black radishes, kimchi, mini Savoy cabbage, kohl rabbi, homemade tempheh, an incredible variety of pickled produce, including pickled fiddleheads, raw cows milk, handcrafted cheeses... and the list just goes on.

Supporting our farmers allows them to continue to experiment and grow, leading to a more diverse array of offerings at our local important step in preserving unique, and heirloom varieties of produce and food products for future generations.  This summer, make it a goal to try something new in the kitchen...your local farmers will thank you!

Christine Chitnis