A Glimpse into the Studio

All photographs and words in this guest post by Christine Chitnis. Aside from taking in the incredible scenery of New England, my book writing travels granted me access to some amazing artist studios.  To me, there is nothing better than seeing where artists create, what they surround themselves with for inspiration and the tools they use.  Many of the events highlighted in Markets of New England are open studio tours, and indeed, these were often my favorite events to cover.

Many of the artists that I met are not only keeping alive traditional art forms, but are creating new and exciting methods of crafting.  They pay careful attention to the source of their materials, often using reclaimed and recycled goods...creating new out of the discarded.  I also noticed that community is now, more than ever, an important aspect of the 'artist life.'  Whether collaborating on projects, or organizing city, and state-wide art events, artists are finding strength in numbers.

It is inspiring to think that with a renewed commitment to the arts, and the ever-present ingenuity of the art community, New England will remain home to a thriving creative scene.

Christine Chitnis