Through Gardens and Farmland

All photographs and words in this guest post by Christine Chitnis. As a relative newcomer to New England, I used my book-writing travels to explore the region in its entirety.  I was often struck by the contrasting landscapes that I would encounter.  On one hand, wild, untamed cliffs that drop steeply into the raging ocean below...on the other hand, manicured gardens, and farms, carefully tended.  I am always amazed at how we can cultivate this rugged land, not only to grow food, but to grow gardens dedicated to beauty.

I suppose that when most people think of New England, they think of the coast- and indeed, the coastal land is truly stunning, and most definitely a defining feature of the region.  But, there is so much more to this area of the county, including mountains, lakes, meadows and pastures.

I especially found such beauty in the rural images that I captured.  Centuries old farmhouses, still standing the test of time.  Stone walls, covered with moss, weaving through the countryside.  Cold-frames and greenhouses, erected to grow sustenance during the brutal winter months.  To me...these images encapsulate the 'real New England,' and pay tribute to the hearty people that choose to call this place their home.

Christine Chitnis