"i've got colours"

and it's all thanks to yesterday's outing... Noting that it was time for me to get out, kick back a little, play with friends, and breathe a little air, I spent the day with my friend Hayley and my newest friend, her bub Elliott who is just 6 weeks old. I haven't seen him for four weeks and I have missed him. He is the cutest little guy, such a joy to be around, and so content. The three of us went for a walk around the Jordaan (oh how I've missed Amsterdam!), bought a delicious salad and baguette at Small World, and took it to the park to sit in the sun. Elliott of course napped most of the time in the shade, and we had lots to catch up on. Then we walked on over to the Westergasfabriek which is an awesome centre full of art galleries and shops. We had a tea and latte at the espressofabriek which serves excellent coffee, and the tea was probably the best I have had in Amsterdam yet - served in beautiful Japanese bowls and when I asked for milk and honey the waiter was more than happy to serve it! It was such a lovely day out, and is exactly what I needed. But with all that sunshine, when French Boy came home he took one look at me and smiled and said "you've got colours". That is a direct translation from French for "you are sunburnt". And I just love it, it sounds so much better than being sunburnt doesn't it? So today, happily, I have colours.