The most beautiful way to start a day just happened to me:

I was standing in the kitchen, making my second cup of tea for the day, rocking away to Jose's Down The Line and there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was a lady standing there, I have never seen her before. In broken English she said she had a rhododendron potted plant that she had on her balcony, she indicated so I followed her finger and looked past the bridge on what I call 'the mainland', and there was a young man holding a huge pot plant. She said it was growing too big for her balcony and was wondering if I would like it for my garden. I was flabbergasted. I am never good at receiving gifts, I get very overwhelmed when people give me things (no doubt some of you have already noticed with my replies to your incredible MHW submissions). And here was this complete stranger, offering me a gorgeous plant. I managed to say "yes! wow! thank you!" and we put the pot down on the shoreline. I must have said thank you about 50 times in less that 30 seconds, it was all a bit of a shock. And then I headed back in, almost in tears. How thoughtful, how lovely. I didn't ask her name, or where she lived, or anything. But maybe we will see more of each other in the street now, or I do hope she comes to visit her plant again soon.

I have never lived in an international city that behaves like a small village, this is what is so unique about Amsterdam.

So here I sit, on day 3 of my deadline countdown. There are props everywhere that need to be returned. The cookie jar has been empty for weeks. There are crumbs on tabletops. Papers and notes all over the pallet bed. The piano is covered in dust. Yet while I have not been outside to see the light for days, tucked up inside this floating abode writing away the hours, your wonderful submissions keep flowing in, a photographer emails me the beautiful jpegs of a recent shoot, a lady comes to the door with a plant for my garden, and Jose sings the perfect soundtrack for our conversations about the importance of saying sorry.

Synchronicity abounds.