Pia La Pipelette is back...

Before I could speak words I was talking. Mum's eyes light up when she tells the story of how I would chatter on and on and on in some kind of language before I was yet one year old. She says she would sit and listen and reply in english words and then i would reply to her in my 'words'. She recalls that I was indeed having a conversation and was fully aware of what I was saying, it's just that no one else understood. When I did learn to speak words that everyone understood, I continued to chatter away. And so I was nicknamed little miss 'chatterbox'.

Just the other day, French Boy taught me the French word for chatterbox. It's pipelette! (pronounced: pip-let) And this is my new favourite word. From now on I have self-titled myself as Pia La Pipelette. French boy has a continual smirk on his face when I get into 'pipelette' mode, he finds it rather hilarious. Another friend likes to call my chatterings as 'passionate ranting'. Obviously there is a continual theme in my life... I talk. alot.

Most of the time I have great trouble with this blog, as all I want to do is chatter away with you. The last two weeks were excruciating to only have time to post one or two photos. But here I am, back in the (blog)house, and I'm afraid I may be pipelette-ing away. You've been warned my lovelies!

It's good to be back. I missed you.